Thursday, April 13 2017

Apr 13

Film: Hello My Name is Doris

04.13.2017 6:00 pm

Hello My Name is Doris
Michael Showalter, 2015, 1h 35m

Presented by Coming of Age Film Series

6:00pm - Reception
7:00pm - Film screening

Theme: Intergenerational

Funny does not come anywhere close to how hilarious Sally Fields portrays the sexual ambitions of an ordinary middle aged clerical woman. But there is a humanity in her ambition to find love. A yearning that knows no age barrier. The humor comes out because we relate to her as she experiences the loss of her mother and while balancing on the verge of a hoarding disorder. But despite this quiet psychological turmoil, the protagonist builds a bridge for us--the audience--to look into the precipices of hope and then to safely return back into our own reality. The portrayal of a fantasy is done with such subtlety that it allows the female protagonist to come out a stronger better person despite, or because of the humor.

Film introduction by Mario Garett, Professor of Gerontology School of Social Work at San Diego State University. 

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