The White Space (Lo spazio bianco)

07.18.2013 7:00 pm

"The White Space (Lo spazio bianco)," 2009

Francesca Comencini
RT = 96”

Starring Margherita Buy (Maria), Gaetano Bruno (Giovanni)

Maria, independent, mercurial, piecing together a life with part time teaching jobs and part time love affairs, seems to want nothing more than her autonomy.  But everything changes instantly, like the intrusion of silence immediately following a bomb blast, when she discovers she is pregnant.

While her premature baby remains in an incubator, Maria’s story soon takes on the qualities of universality as we see that all the characters in this story struggle with massive uncertainties and instabilities.  And Buy’s character, in her endurance, compassion and vulnerabilities, takes on the mantle of true human heroism.

Shot mainly in Naples, Comencini’s story gives us a compelling vision of human fortitude and endurance in the face of life which refuses to be easy or predictable.  This is an extraordinary performance by a great actress.

DATE:  Thursday July 18
LOCATION:  Museum of Photographic Arts
TIME:  7:00 PM
TICKETS: $10 at the door