Jo Whaley: Theater of Insects

through Sep 27
16 May, 2009 - 27 Sep, 2009


Including approximately 40 photographs, along with a selection of insect cases and glassed archaeology trays, Theater of Insects seamlessly connects art with science. The photographs show mesmerizing scenes with vibrantly colored insects, artfully placed against weathered, manmade backgrounds. The result is a compelling marriage of natural and artificial, science and art.  

While the specimens in Jo Whaley's images are real, the backgrounds are imaginary, inspired by the old dioramas found in Natural History Museums. By creating carefully crafted, theatrically staged sets, Whaley invites the viewer to engage with the actors—in this case, insects—allowing their beauty to be seen in unexpected ways.

Special thanks to the San Diego Natural History Museum, for their collaboration on this exhibition.