Youth Works at MOPA


Each year MOPA hosts an exhibition of photographs from our educational outreach programs. The works in these exhibitions remind us of how refreshing the world is when seen through the eyes of an emerging photographer—eyes not yet steeped in the rules and formulas often associated with the medium. MOPA proudly presents these images with the same dignity and presentation standards we afford all of our exhibitions, and often use these exhibitions as an opportunity to try out new ideas. Later, these ideas often find their way into larger projects.

This year we had an opportunity to work with students from A.R.T.S. (A Reason to Survive) a local non-profit that introduces teens and emerging adults to the healing and transformative power of art. This collaboration afforded us a chance to train students on the finer points of museum quality matting and framing, working with them to frame our upcoming education exhibition: See/Saw. In the process we have engaged with additional young artists and provided them with job skills in the arts. It has been a rewarding experience for all involved, and may open future collaborative opportunities yet unseen. These dynamic practices and visionary relationships are what keep MOPA vital and make it a unique resource for San Diego.