One Day in San Diego

04.26.2014 12:00 pm

This Saturday, join people across San Diego and be part of One Day in San Diego. On Saturday, April 26, 2014 film makers throughout our city will be documenting what makes our city great with a focus on our future. MOPA is going to be a part of this and we want you to join us.

On April 26th, go out and take a photograph of something that represents San Diego to you personally. Then, between noon and 4:00, come to MOPA and tell us, on camera, what the image means to you, why it represents San Diego and what role it will have in the city's future. There are no guarantees, but your image and interview could end up as part of an interactive geo-tagged archive and a TV series on the future of the American city. Plus MOPA will be showcasing many of the works on our digital platforms. 

To learn more, watch the video below or check out their website:

With so many photographers in San Diego, what better way to showcase our home than through the power of images. We hope to see you on Saturday. Instructions about where to email your photo will be provided after the interview.

Note: Interviews will be done on first-come-first-served basis.