MOPA Gives Fans a Look Behind the Curtain

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March 14, 2014

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MOPA Gives Fans a Look Behind the Curtain

The Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) is giving everyone a behind-the-scenes look at the world of photography. New programs on site as well as new virtual efforts are giving MOPA followers access to more than just what is hanging in their galleries. Now visitors can get a look into MOPA’s collection, learn directly from MOPA’s Assistant Curator, Chantel Paul, and hear from the artists themselves to see what goes into creating their artwork.

The Museum started these efforts recently with the launch of their Connecting series.

  • Connecting to Collectionsis an opportunity to get a look at numerous works from MOPA’s collection that relate to an exhibition currently hanging in the galleries. The next event in this series is March 29th and will feature works with an environmental or social theme, much like the exhibition, Power, on display through May 18th.
  • Connecting with the Curatoris a series that walks people through a specific exhibition with the curator of that exhibition. The next Connecting with the Curator is scheduled for late-May, at the end of Lynn G. Fayman: A Colorful Life. It will feature a tour with Ms. Paul, who will explain more about the images in this exhibition, how they were produced and the impact they had on photography at that time.

“While visitors can see photographs on the walls of our galleries, it's rewarding to offer them a closer view of the photographs in our collection with behind the scenes print-viewing tours,” Ms. Paul stated. “We have also had the good fortune of partnering with an artist-in-residence, Cy Kuckenbaker, to offer Art Labs where visitors can spend time with him in a relaxed environment. Connecting with artists in this way is special and something a lot of people wouldn't be able to do otherwise.”

Kuckenbaker is best known for the short, time-compressed, ethnographic videos he creates. The technical and tedious labor involved is hard to figure out, but Kuckenbaker will edit his next video at MOPA for everyone to watch on March 22nd from 11am to 3pm in his second Art Lab. Visitors to the Museum can ask questions about the process, the inspiration or anything else related to his work.

For those not residing in San Diego, MOPA still wants to share the access to these artists through their digital efforts. Last year, when photographer Chris McCaw visited MOPA, he gave a demonstration of his Sunburn project. MOPA released a video of the demonstration and an interview with McCaw talking about his work and the state of photography. This week, a video interview with artist Chris Engman was released and a mini-documentary on Cy Kuckenbaker is currently in the works.

Whereas none of these efforts by themselves are that revolutionary, together they offer the viewer much greater insight into the constantly evolving photographic arts.

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MOPA Information:MOPA is a center for visual learning, passionately dedicated to sharing and exploring the universal language of photography, film and video.

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