Arthur Lavine: An Inquiring Eye: Seven Decades of Arthur Lavine's Seeing

An Inquiring Eye: Seven Decades of Arthur Lavine's Seeing


From the Essay: Arthur Lavine is, in essence, a filmmaker who uses still photographs to tell a story....Lavine's vision connects us to the rhythms of people's lives at work or leisure, through small dramas and mise en scène, inclusive of industry, shimmering heat waves, back alleyways, deep shadows, and sharp-angled skylines. Although scenes and backdrops from another time, Lavine's photographic storytelling captures intimacies and environments that are not only timeless but familiar in their illustration of the social bonds that draw us together....There is love in Arthur Lavine's photography, which makes his imagery endure. Love of the medium itself and toward the intimate strangers he willingly encounters.


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  • Perfect Paperback: 160 pages
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