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MOPA launches first Pay What You Wish museum program in Southern California

Voluntary contribution promotes “art is for everyone” during Balboa Park centennial


SAN DIEGO – The first Pay What You Wish museum program in Southern California invites visitors to determine the cost of admission at the Museum of Photographic Arts.

MOPA launched Pay What You Wish to highlight “art is for everyone” during the centennial celebration as the only museum in Balboa Park to offer an admissions program of this type. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, visitors choose the admission price with a voluntary contribution. Pay What You Wish provides access to MOPA’s current exhibitions, including the United States premiere of the video installation 7 billion Others.

“We are pleased to offer this exciting opportunity to our museum visitors,” MOPA Executive Director Deborah Klochko said. “MOPA is a great museum and the Pay What You Wish admission offers everyone the chance to see our amazing exhibitions and celebrate Balboa Park’s centennial.”

MOPA recognizes the importance of not only being relatable to a diverse audience, but also providing an environment that is inclusive as a center for visual learning. Following the completion of the museum’s renovation, which included the addition of a new gallery and store, MOPA selected Pay What You Wish as a next step in achieving its long-term goals on visual literacy.

“We think the Pay What You Wish program, like the work we do around accessibility and comfort, is a way of opening opportunities for visitors to engage with us,” said Joaquin Ortiz, MOPA Director of Education and Innovation.

A grant supported by The Parker Foundation enables MOPA to offer Pay What You Wish until Aug. 28. At the end of the trial, it will be evaluated with data collected throughout the program.

“Our hope is to show the positive benefits of the program and to offer it in the future to make the museum a more inclusive place for the people of San Diego,” Ortiz said.


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As of July 1, 2023, the Museum of Photographic Arts and The San Diego Museum of Art have merged to become one unified institution. The Museum of Photographic Arts is now the Museum of Photographic Arts at The San Diego Museum of Art (MOPA@SDMA).

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