Celebrating Diane Dammeyer

The Museum of Photographic Arts proudly celebrated long-time donor and former trustee, Diane Dammeyer, on Saturday, April 14th. Diane’s work as a philanthropic photographer epitomizes the museum’s mission in promoting visual literacy to the broadest possible audience.

Diane’s philanthropic and photographic work brings awareness to the struggle for human equality. Collaborations with individuals and non-profit institutions allow the visual storytelling of her images to be utilized in impactful ways.

In 2015, The Diane Dammeyer Gallery was established at the Museum of Photographic Arts as their premier education teaching space. Diane was pivotal to the revisioning of the space as a center for visual learning. This innovative space brings together the art, history, and technology of lens-based mediums including interactive technology and hands-on opportunities for learning.

Diane collaborates with many non-profit institutions to convey her message of social justice. “I believe in the power an image has within storytelling.  Non-profit organizations have important messages to communicate. If I am able to help tell their story, taking them one step closer to giving a clear voice to their message, I feel a sense of collaboration and power through utilization of photography” says Diane.


"Dammeyer has mastered the art and is now teaching the rest of us to really see, and more importantly, to act."  - Deborah Klochko, Executive Director & Chief Curator, Museum of Photographic Arts

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