The Point/Counterpoint interactive gallery allows you to search for individual artists, themes and styles. The website was created in partnership with the University of California, San Diego’s Cultural Connections program.


The Point/Counterpoint exhibition featured interviews with experts in Mexican photography. Watch the videos below to hear from scholars about ideas and issues found in contemporary Mexican photography and culture.

What is Mexican Photography?

What is the difference between contemporary photography and contemporary art?

How does pain shape contemporary Mexican photography?


MOPA created video interviews with experts on Mexican photography. Watch the videos to hear more from these scholars and their thoughts about Mexican photography and culture.

Alfonso Morales – Director of Luna Córnea

Mónica Herrerías – Ediciones B Publishing House

Patricia Mendoza – Art Historian, former Director of Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City

Sergio González – Writer and Journalist

Alejandro Castellanos – Photography researcher, former director of Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City

Mauricio Maille – Visual Arts Director at Fundación Televisa

Pedro Meyer – Photographer

Ramiro Martínez – Director of Museo Amparo


To learn more about photography from Mexico and Latin America, please visit these sites for additional essays and resources.

Luna Córnea magazine archive

Centro de la Imagen museum