NEWS   ·  August 20, 2020

MOPA launches photo challenge series for youth

The Museum of Photographic Arts announced a new on-demand learning opportunity for budding artists at home. Designed for middle and high school students, Photo Club is a series of hands-on activities that will guide creativity.

What is Photo Club and why is it important?

These online lessons and projects generate excitement for youth to create art that’s meaningful to them while expanding their skills in photography and visual communication.

Photo Club is unique in that youth get to guide their own experience using a set of provided examples, videos and other resources. At the end of each activity, they can submit their artwork for feedback, which will be provided by MOPA’s visual learning experts.

Programs like these are important to help youth exhibit higher levels of confidence – they encourage an interest in being creative.

What are photo challenges?

Photo Club will challenge the young participants to create artwork that mixes two of the following techniques:

  • Still Life 
  • Cyanotype
  • Portraits 
  • Big Ideas in Contemporary Photography
  • Using Foreground

Created by MOPA’s visual learning department, each challenge offers resources like:

  • Engaging video lessons produced in-house, 
  • Images by artists, which serve as examples, 
  • Links to curated resources, 
  • Downloadable lesson plans produced in-house, and
  • A call to action or challenge
  • An opportunity to submit artwork for feedback

Who is it for and where can it be accessed? 

MOPA’s visual learning department designed Photo Club for middle and high school students. The team created the online activities with an education-based perspective for younger audiences (although everyone is invited to participate).

Youth will access the activities in Photo Club under’s Learn tab. Access and participation are free. Downloadables come at no extra cost.

How do I support Photo Club?

All MOPA programs are made possible by generous contributions from our community. Today, you can participate in our Pay What You Wish donation program by visiting

Each voluntary contribution helps make MOPA accessible to everyone. Your kindness will support the MOPA’s mission to inspire, educate and engage the broadest possible audience.

Financial support for Photo Club is provided by The County of San Diego. Thank you Chairman Greg Cox for recognizing the urgency to support the Museum of Photographic Arts’ programs for youth engagement. To learn more about sponsorship or underwriting opportunities for MOPA programs, please contact a member of the Development Team at


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