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Photo Club’s digital badges are now available

  • Participants can track their journey through the Photo Club challenges with a digital badge card
  • MOPA rewards progress with monthly raffles of MOPA Shop merch, in addition to other mystery perks

The online-learning program Photo Club by the Museum of Photographic Arts now includes digital badges to track progress. Additionally, participants can earn MOPA Shop giveaways by using the digital badges to communicate their journey.

In the digital badge card, colorful shutter icons represent each photo challenge. As users advance, they’re able to cross out corresponding icons to alert the Museum of their progress.

MOPA rewards progress with monthly raffles of MOPA Shop merch, including MOPA enamel pins and SunArt kits used for Cyanotypes (also known as sun prints).

What do the badges look like?

Go ahead – take a screenshot:

How does it work?

The digital badges are a slide that participants will upload to Instagram Stories. Using Instagram Stories’ draw function, participants will cross out each shutter that they have completed and tag MOPA to ensure they’re entered in the prize category. 

Participants can take a screenshot of their badge card through the Instagram Stories highlight labeled “Digital Badge.”

The prizes are:

1/ For completing one challenge, participants enter into a raffle to win a MOPA Shop pin enamel

2/ For completing two challenges, participants enter into a raffle to win a MOPA Shop SunArt Kit

3/ For completing three challenges, participants enter into a raffle to win a MOPA Shop Light Painter

Raffles will occur in the last week of each month. The winner will be posted on Instagram and alerted via email or Instagram direct message. 

How do I earn bonus points?

As of today, there are two ways participants can boost their shutter points.

1/ Weekly Mystery Gifts

We’ll announce via MOPA’s Instagram channel that there’s a mystery gift for entries recorded in special weeks that respond to the week’s challenge in focus. 

Raffle winners who submitted the right challenge said week are eligible to earn the week’s mystery gift. 

For example from 8/31–9/6, entries for the Still Life/Vantage Point challenge will be the only submissions eligible for the mystery gift recorded that week.

This is tracked with hashtags. For example, users that want to enter the mystery-gift system in the example above would need to place the hashtag #StillLife in their badge slide on Instagram.

2/ Special Shutter Points

In addition to earning one shutter point per challenge, participants will be able to earn bonus points via two additional tactics: 1/ participants who tag three friends when they upload their badge slide to their Instagram channel will receive one bonus point for that entry, and 2/ participants who submit entries that mix techniques outside the three challenge’s parameters will earn two bonus points — for example, portraits and vantage point OR still life and the rule of thirds.


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