NEWS   ·  August 21, 2012

MOPA Awarded IMLS Grant to Increase Access for Seniors

MOPA is pleased to announce a grant award from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to support SEPIA: Seniors Exploring Photography, Identity and Appreciation.

“I’d like to recognize MOPA for their efforts to engage the community in everything the arts has to offer,” said Rep. Susan Davis. “This funding will help address the special needs of some of the museum’s visitors to enhance their experience of the visual arts and maybe even inspire guests to express themselves through this diverse medium.”

Increasing Access for Seniors in San Diego

The Museum of Photographic Arts received $149,506 over 3 years  to support Accessibility Through Seniors, a comprehensive approach to providing increased access and comfort to all museum visitors by directly serving the needs of seniors.

“The funding from the IMLS Museums for America grant allows us to expand our arts programs for senior citizens and serve more of their needs,” said Joaquin Ortiz,Interim Director of Education. “It will also make MOPA a more accessible space for people of all ages, and allow us to share what we learn with museums throughout the nation.”

The Accesibilty Through Seniors project will provide creative and social engagement for senior citizens living in San Diego, improve the Museum’s facilities to better accommodate senior and culminate in a series of trainings, a manual and a website to share project findings and to assist other museums in improving the visitor experience.



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